Who is megan fox dating yahoo

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But Had Problems Making Out With Amanda Seyfried Megan Fox has made no secret of the fact that her sexual preferences swing both ways, having confirmed to Esquire magazine earlier this year that she has no question in her mind about “being bisexual.” But surprisingly, the sexy starlet did have issues locking lips with co-star Amanda Seyfried for some steamy scenes in “Jennifer’s Body.” That particular day of filming was a closed set (even other stars of the film weren’t allowed in) and director Karyn Kusama told Tarts she felt as though she was “babysitting” as Fox and Seyfried continuously dissolved into giggles.“I was constant laughing because it’s awkward and it’s strange and nobody wants to do that.Lohan joined Victoria’s Secret stunner Alessandria Ambrosio at the VS beauty store in New York last week for the launch of the next fragrance “Velvet,” where the two were overheard chit-chatting about Ambrosio’s one-year-old daughter (while eating buttercream cake) before Linds spent almost half an hour picking out products for herself and trying on lip glosses.But in typical Lilo fashion, a little name-dropping was in order as she chatted away.

Brian Austin Green certainly knows the meaning of "happy wife, happy life." After he and Megan Fox welcomed their son, Noah Shannon, on September 27, the Hollywood couple really wanted to care for their newborn without the help of a nanny, but a lack of sleep has convinced them otherwise. "It's a lot of work and I didn't hire any help because I overestimated my own abilities.

She’s OK, she knows it’s acting but it’s not necessarily OK with me,” she said.

“So it was difficult when my mom sat down next to me to watch ‘Jennifer’s Body.’” Lindsay Lohan Thinks She’s Chanel, And is Sis Ali Following Her Footsteps?

The actress has literally grown up before our eyes since making her acting debut as a fresh-faced teen.

To reflect on Megan Fox’s ever-changing beauty looks through the years, here is a walk down memory lane.

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