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Downloading the System Update Installing the Update Community Q&A The new Play Station 4 requires immediate firmware updates upon first connecting the system.

Ideally, this can be done by connecting your console to the internet.

This method is known as the “DNS trick” which is probably going to get patched soon, so enjoy it while you can. Here is what you need to do: Step 1: On your Play Station 3, go to Primary: 67.2 Secondary: 67.2 Step 5: Proceed further and save settings at the end Step 6: Now test your connection. You’ll see Succeeded in front of Play Station Network during the test. Sign-in and access all the PSN functions as well as play your favorite games online. (*NOTE: It is advised to stay off PSN if you are running a jailbroken firmware 3.55 since Sony can easily detect it and ban you from PSN if they want!

) You can also see our simple tutorial on how to access Play Station 3 recovery mode here (may be required for custom firmware installation or fixing PS3 errors).

However, there seems to be a way to bypass this recent firmware update and access Play Station Network as well as play online games without actually updating to 3.56 firmware.

This way, you get to keep the jailbreak as well as have all the PSN fun.

Besides getting new games and movies downloaded straight to your console, one of the benefits of the Play Station 3's persistent Internet connection is installing new console updates without having to take a break to use the computer.

You can find available PS3 updates in the Settings section on your dashboard.

FINAL STEP: Click "BURN" button ^^ PEople I suggest you use a Re Writable CD/Dvd disc for burning in case you made a mistake and the disc must be supported by your PS3 Console.

And there'll be another game I'll buy for my 3DS in April/May next year, will I be able to play that game too without updating? bulls***, forcing me to alter my system I bought to play games, and not to update. There needs to be a lawsuit about this at least regarding offline games.

Seeing as the game has an online mode (which requires the latest firmware to use), I'd assume the game includes a system update on the cart (for whatever version was the latest when the game launched). You can't launch a game that has a system update on the cart if you're using old firmware. Can't think of any legitimate reasons not to want to update the firmware anyway, but no, many games require the latest firmware at the time, and will include said firmware on the cart, and if you start a game you bought from the e Shop that requires an update, it will not start until you do so. Carts will always come pre-loaded with a firmware update from a couple months before they're released, and will not allow you to boot the game without the update. bulls***, forcing me to alter my system I bought to play games, and not to update. There needs to be a lawsuit about this at least regarding offline games.

downloading any game patch will just freeze the screen, like the startup screen...

i tried formatting the harddrive via ps3 system, it didnt continue...frozen..

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