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I don’t blame e Harmony for the quality of their members. I logged on to see that I’ve been renewed again for a year.

Now let me say, I am certain I had turned the auto renew off, because the odd time that I did log onto the site over the past few months, there was a big banner asking me to “EXTEND YOUR MEMBERSHIP! Finally, I found another contact form with a drop down box, and selected the “cancel” entry (I can’t recall the exact terminology and can’t even find the link anymore).

There’s no shortage of dating apps on the market, however Tomkinson has previously said they don’t consider the likes of Tinder and Happn as competition.

I finally found the “Feedback” link and sent my feedback, asking them to cancel my membership and refund the money. They replied the same day, providing me a phone number to call. After explaining everything to the rep, she explained that she can’t help me, and that I would have to email their “Trust and Safety” department who would look into it. and was told it would take 7-10 business days to get back to me.

Grant Langston has learned a lot over his 16-year tenure at e Harmony, the popular dating site launched in 2000.

But only in his six months as the company’s new CEO has an important lesson become clear: Love conquers all – except when other dating apps are much easier to use.

And I’m not the only one who has had this sort of experience with them.

Because my e Harmony story is actually about a lack of digital fluency, extremely poor customer service, and a lack of trust.

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