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Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.Unfortunately, one theme that is constant and recurring in the chronic illness community is pain and fatigue.Do you know how much is safe to take, and I beg of thee, don't tell me to take as directed!!! Abject pleading apologies to all alcoholics and addict friends, no judgement, not tonight PLEASE??? I thank God daily for all of my lovely friends on this fantastic site, you are all some of the most incredible, gentle, loving spirits I've not had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh!!! sorry for the smartassery, but i'm given to it as you all know. as irish gran would say HEY IT COULD BE WORSE PRINCESS!!! I am in the middle of a flair and I can't even type I have to turn the microphone on. Can I ask you one little question can you treat a migraine in the middle of a Phibro attack I've never had one before but this headache is horrible. Place in the freezer until you are ready to use this. Thanks again :-) You must have been reading my mind, i have been sitting here all weekend wondering who else has been in agony with fibbbrrrooomyalgia this week, i have not in the least exerted myself , so im at a loss as to what to attribute this to. I really am not stressed, I am pretty kool in that department too actually. You didn't get a wink last night and from what I recall, you were making a NOTHER pot at, oh, say, am? Don't know what to tell you except that I sincerely feel for you and hope that your feeling better asap!!! I've really missed you, love your incredibly informative answers my dear friend!!! We really could use your intellect round here ya know!!! Laraxx Lara, No suggestions from myself, just my best wishes to you...

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Hang in there and I'll say a big prayer for ya. Depending on how big of a bag you want to make, take 2 parts of hair gel and mix it with alcholol until you get it to the desire consistency you want. You are way too uptight about the pain, and emotions make the pain oh so much worse!! Good luck sweetlemon, and I really hope you take a good hard look about what is stressing you out, and kick it out of your mind, even if it is pain. Love ya, Ellen Hi Ellen, Long time no posty posty gurl !! My long term suggestion would be to try bio feedback. My bio feedback doc taught me self hypnosis and it really does work. Sounds (in your words) wackadoo, but it really works. I am here to talk whenever you need to, although that doesn't seem to ring true now does it, seeing as I just got this? I would suggest a splash of Bailey's but the meds say, "no no no" (hear Amy W. You're in my thoughts n prayers, Lara, get well soon In Peace, Tee I'm so sorry to hear that your in so much pain!!Stay tuned for the update, but check it out to make sure you’re on it if you’re a Spoonie on Twitter.In this FB list I have only included pages that have had activity on them this year.Plus, if there is one thing you learn pretty fast when you have fibro is that stress on any level makes you sicker. Live it, breathe it and share the concept with those you love.And if dating and subsequent breaking isn’t stressful, then I don’t know what is So, there it is. Visit Baggage Reclaim to read more about No Contact.

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