Adultery dating sites

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Has the existence of sites like Ashley Madison encouraged and increased infidelity?

"It's hard to know if the new technologies increased infidelity because we have no bottom-line data," said Pepper Schwartz, a professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle."My guess, however, is that it has because there are many people who have a yen for sex outside their relationship but wouldn't have the slightest idea about how to do it or do it safely," Schwartz added.

According to the site, membership swelled 166 percent worldwide that year and 192 percent in the United States, compared with average yearly growth of 50 percent worldwide and 71 percent domestically since the site's launch 12 years ago.

Each month, around 130 million people around the world visit Ashley Madison.

Adultery dating site Ashley Madison, whose advertising slogan is “Life is short.

Have an affair”, has been infiltrated by hackers who aim to embarrass the firm and its users by releasing confidential data.

Hackers breached the site’s security, jeopardizing the privacy of a purported 37 million users, including 91,000 in San Diego, who had bought into the slogan "Life is short.For millions, adultery via the internet has become the new normal.Since the launch of the Canada-based Ashley Madison website in 2002, which created a sensation with its seductive slogan "Life is short, have an affair", the numbers turning to online infidelity have soared.There are now dozens of similar websites offering the promise of extramarital relationships with domain names that are unabashedly direct, from For Noel Biderman, the founder of Ashley Madison, his site and others like it are merely facilitating a human desire that is as old as time."No one can show me a culture on the planet where infidelity doesn't happen," Biderman told AFP.

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